The mechanical basics of throwing darts

look at some pictures of grips here, but read this article first!
Chapter 2 - The Grip
© February 1998 by Karlheinz Zöchling
  1. The throw
  2. The grip (this document)
  3. The stance
Make sure you have read the section on 'The throw' before proceeding with this. Grip and stance just follow the requirements of the throw. You will benefit more when you know the connections.

All different - all equal

The grip is the most variable part of darting technique. In general you can use here what's comfortable for you. There are only a few DON'Ts you have to be aware of.

 The basic grip:

 Put the dart in your open palm. Balance it and find the center of gravity. Now with your thumb roll the dart to your finger tips. Place your thumb a bit behind the center of gravity, hold it with as much fingers as you like, then move your arm to aiming position. Ready.

Most grips are only slight variations of this standard grip.

 Basic requirements:

To illustrate the wide variaty of grips, some examples from the pros. Note that the grip, as written above, also partly results from the preferred barrel shape, and vice versa:

Some pictures of grips here!

And now, find your own

You simply have to find your own grip. Everything that meets the requirements and can be handled well by you is good. Don't simply copy other players. Work it out on your own. You can of course try grips of different people for curiosity, to compare and find out which parts of it could fit you, or to learn about technical connections and improve your knowledge on this, but you are an individual, and grips are as individual as people. Don't get used to the habit of trying to find your 'weekly new and revolutionary grip'. Try for a while, find a suitable one, and then practice and use it.