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Round Of Nine






Each player has a set of four darts. Four thrown darts equal a turn.




A Pik Variation;

My personal favorite. Played on the Vogelpik Board, 4 Piks per player and 9 innings are thrown. The Bulls Eye equals a "home run" and the inside ring plays a single base hit. Anything else is an out. As you start your handicap is 2 men on base. So if you hit the "inside" ring, your bases are loaded. If you hit the "bulls eye" you drive them all home. 6 runs is the highest score possible per inning. Click here for a good score card. You can also play with "Partners". First team player shoots with "nothing on". So he can load up the bases or even bring some runs in. Your partner cleans up for final inning score. A good house rule is when you score zero points, an "X" marks your score; 3 x's and your out of the game! This game is a hit in any Sports Bar!


The ring values are:

Center White or Bulls Eye = 50 points

Inner Red circle = 25 points

Inner White circle = 20 points

Blue circle = 15 points



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